Classic Jazz sound brought to you by some of the best jazz musicians in country. You will have the wonderful John McDonald:- John plays in a number of jazz groups across the West Midlands and has worked with many distinguished jazz musicians including Alan Barnes, Tina May, Bruce Adams and Annette Gregory.

Vasilis Xenopoulos One of the most accomplished Saxophonist jazz musicians of his generation and a genuine representative of straight ahead jazz. He has worked with some of the best musicians of the International Jazz Scene as a band leader, a section leader and as a guest soloist at various projects.

Joe Kessell:- Joe studied jazz at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and has since played at numerous venues and festivals around the country. He is known for his rhythmic contrapuntal bass lines.

Aaron Moloney:- Aaron Moloney is a jazz drummer based in Coventry. He currently leads his own trio who reside at the Warwick Arts Centre.